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Fine Art & Antiques Appraisal in Toronto

Did you recently inherit a family heirloom? Perhaps you attended an auction and stumbled across a truly unique piece of furniture. Or maybe you have a collection of paintings that you wish to sell.

In all of these cases, you'll likely want to seek a professional appraisal to determine your property's value. At Marc Davis & Associates, we provide fine art and antiques appraisal for Toronto residents as well as those living in the surrounding areas.

Our Process
When you come to us for an appraisal, our licensed and bonded professionals will closely examine your personal property. We then compare your piece to our online resources and databases to estimate its fair market value. For accuracy, we'll also contact galleries, auction houses, and other experts to learn more about your item's history and previous owners.

From there, you can use our fine art appraisal in Toronto to decide whether you should keep, sell, or donate your piece. If you wish to sell your jewellery or antique, we can help you set up a private estate sale to ensure you receive a fair payment. If you want to keep your porcelain or furniture, you can use our evaluation to apply for insurance or to file the appropriate taxes.

Ready for an Appraisal?
Since 1972, we've given precise fine art appraisals in Toronto. During that time, we've made a special effort to ensure each customer receives satisfactory service. We tailor our appraisal, as well as our estate sales, to fit each client, and we believe we can assist you, too.

If you want to learn more about our appraisal process, simply call 416-781-8800 to set up an appointment with our specialists. Or, fill out our contact form, and count on our team to respond to you shortly. We can also provide you with references upon request.
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